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    PO Box 78565 Dubai, UAE

Oil & Gas Consultancy Services

Oil & Gas Consultancy Services


Commercial & Financial Advisory

The constant trends of markets, politics, technologies, and competitive behaviors has a direct impact on the feasibility of projects, commerciality of operations, balance of contracts, and efficacy of regulation.

We provide the following

  •  Government & fiscal analysis/recommendations
  •  Portfolio assessment
  •  Pre-feasibility, feasibility and optimization
  •  Market/opportunity screening
  •  Competitive position assessment
  •  Competitor intelligence
  •  Uncertainty/risk assessment and scenario development
  •  Business case development
  •  Project promotion
  •  Regulatory design and policy impact assessments
  •  Contracting strategy and negotiation support
  •  Arbitration and lobbying support
  •  Energy security analysis

Strategy & Organization Consulting

Build a solid business with a focused strategy. We can achieve this by providing the following services;

  •  Growth and market entry strategy
  •  Asset portfolio diagnosis and restructuring
  •  Prioritization of investment opportunities and capital strategy
  •  Product portfolio diagnosis and repositioning
  •  Organizational implications and redesign

Industry Fundamentals Consulting

Understand, assess and penetrate new markets. We provide a range of services, tailored to your needs, that includes;

  •  Industry trends analysis
  •  Market studies, demand & supply in addition to pricing outlooks
  •  Competitor analysis for asset, corporate and country/regime benchmarking
  •  Scenario analysis to test and quantify upside and downside risk